Monday, August 19, 2019

Essay --

Goal setting and action plans for self development: As human beings we are not perfect, we all have strengths and weakness but how do we use our weaknesses and strengths to improve ourselves in leadership and managerial positions"? I was impressed to note that being a nurse you cannot run away from being a leader. According to class videos slides and transcripts by Maryol, G. 2014. "All nurses are mangers and all nurses are leaders in their perspective position. A nurse is a leader by virtue of your qualifications. According to J Sullivan a leader uses his interpersonal skills to make others plan goals and structure strategies to accomplish those goals and a manager on the other hand is responsible and accountable to accomplish the goals of an organization. He does this by coordinating resources, planning, organizing, supervising, staffing, evaluating, negotiating and representing the organization. Managers have authority, responsibility, accountability and in position of power as determined by the organization. "All good managers are good leaders"(Sullivan, E.J., & Decker P. J.) 200...

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