Thursday, October 17, 2019

The American Constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The American Constitution - Essay Example It is undeniable that the development of American statutory ideas after the Upheaval shows a steady evolution from English thoughts. It is worth noting that the constitution is not perfect and therefore it includes a lot of concession amongst people. The constitution was not a complete achievement as it may be perceived due to the many defects associated with it. Fascinatingly when the constitutional deal was reached there was nearly no American in the political scene that raised the issue about the significance of harmonizing the three divisions of government. None of the Americans defended liberty and fairness as applied in other constitutions such as in England and Rome. The people opposed to the constitution argued that perhaps the checks and balances were not adequate enough to protect the citizens of this great nation. It was evident that the chief issue was not concerned with the appeal or perhaps the correct organization of the republican liberty and the government. The main worrying matter was how to unify the many republics of U.S. Many people believed that power may remain within the states and that the Congress would not have much power. It was clear that if the U.S was to remain a united country where the Congress has actual power then Republicans may want an entirely established body. Since the constitution is already in force and supports adoption of republican form of government by deriving their power on the approval and consensus of the citizens of America (Vile 2010, 25-38). Republicanism has played a major part in the American constitution since its revolution by emphasizing on liberty and irrefutable rights as the key values. Republicanism considered only sovereignty of the people and the fact that the people of America should be independent in their duties. Republicanism recognized that people actually had rights that could not be done away with and the need to do away with some social crimes such as corruption and greed. The citizens were considered very important and therefore they required a high level of representation and these Republican values were regarded as useful in the constitution. The heroes argued that Republicanism was very vital as far as the liberty of the people was concerned and therefore it would really liberate the Americans. However, there was no balance between republicanism principles and the democratic principles because republicanism insisted on liberty for all instead of addressing the issue of liberty to the majority people. Although the republicanism constitution successfully did away with the monarchy, there was no complete democracy for all (Bernstein 2009, 168-175). Moreover, the very people who were said to be capable of voting were denied this important right especially the blacks, the illiterate group and the female adults. Citizens did not have the so-called real property could not vote thus making the constitution very much undemocratic. The issue of unfairness in the constitutio n cannot be left untouched while looking at the incidents or the aftermath of approval of the Constitution. People were not permitted to make amendments of the constitution unswervingly unless through elected officials who did not have the people’s interest in their hearts (Vile 2010, 25-38).  

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