Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sew What Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sew What Inc - Essay Example Examples, which justify information technology’s role in Sew What, Inc.?’ success entail, i. During its onset in the market, information knowhow contributed to its credibility where numerous people were able to recognize it besides the business’ products and services. Hence, gaining enormous clientele pool interested in drapers and other products it produced. v. Megan Duckett’s knowledge regarding the essence of technological knowhow enabled the company to expand besides having effective operations (Murphy, 2006). This is evident in the way she embraced the Dell’s operations into her business. It is irrefutable if Megan Duckett intends to dominate and attain enormous market share globally she has no alternative but to utilize technology effectively (Murphy, 2006). This entails ensuring the company has the capability of reinventing itself especially in monitoring what is new in the world of technology and implementing it, for effective services’ delivery. However, the business ought to consider the cost and effectiveness of the information technology prior applying it. Assuming the position of management consultant, I will advise Megan Duckett to undertake the following: i. She must ensure that all the business’ marketing assets are up to date, which entails training marketing personnel in all aspects of sales (Murphy, 2006). This is to ensure that the business is capaable  of containing stiff competition evident in the market presently. iii. The business should take advantage of the current social sites (Orkut, Facebook, tweeter ete) besides blogging. This will ensure more interactions amid the people and the business management meant to know reactions of its clientele. v. Megan Duckett besides specializing in drapery making, she should think of being a global provider of the same line materials to other corporations, which will yield to an increased market share (Murphy, 2006). Information technology usually enables small

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