Friday, September 27, 2019

The Impact of Changes on Safety and Cost of SABIC Dissertation

The Impact of Changes on Safety and Cost of SABIC - Dissertation Example According to Kumar. R. ( 1999 ) , the basic purpose of any research work is to understand and analyze the chosen research phenomenon . There are many methods of communication research methodologies like qualitative research , quantitative research , case studies and many more . These communication research methodologies try to acquire the actual scenario of the research phenomenon by methods of interviews and surveys . The qualitative methodology happens to be based on the interpretative paradigm , while the quantitative methodology follows the positivist paradigm of knowledge . This research has chosen the quantitative research methodology as one of the research approach . Another research methodology chosen for this research includes the case study method . According to McMurray et al. ( 2004 ) , when these two methods are used together , provides triangulation , which is expected to increase the validity and reliability of the research data collected . The strategy chosen for this research work comes under the two approaches , they are the quantitative method of data collection followed by statistical analysis and the case study approach which follows an empirical inquiry of a research phenomenon in real life situations . The quantitative method of data collection seems to follow the positivist paradigm that assumes that the participants are aware of the research concept and thus they intend to answer a defined set of questions in a predetermined scale . Here , the questions and the answers are defined by the researcher and the participant just chooses a specific option that suits his opinion . Thus the opinion of the participant in the research is generally limited to the set of answers and any other relative opinion of the participant seem to be suppressed . Â  

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